Who We Are

Maestro Music Institute is a Colorado based music school offering instrumental and vocal music lessons in both group, and private lesson settings. We hold monthly performance classes giving students the opportunity to play in front of their peers, allowing them to grow, mature and inspire each other. Our semi-annual recitals are a showcase of talent and an opportunity for our students to perform for their family and friends in a friendly, stress-free atmosphere.

Our unique mobile music school division works with area schools, churches, and recreation centers bringing music classes to their location, adding a valuable enrichment program to each organization’s current offerings.

We hold an annual summer music camp for kids ages 6-14 hosted by Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Music Department. This week-long camp is an exciting opportunity for current music students to hone their musical skills and develop brand new ones. For new students, it’s a great opportunity to learnt he basics of music on a variety of instruments. All students have the opportunity to perform in small and large ensemble groups, culminating in a fun-filled performance at the end of the week.

What We Do

Teaching music is our passion! We not only love playing and listening to music – our passion is teaching music and helping our students grow, develop and reach their musical potential. Nothing excites us more than watching our students reach their goals and seeing their sense of pride and accomplishment in doing so.

Our teachers are dedicated to teaching and nurturing the potential of every student we work with. Our teaching staff consists of trained musicians who either possess music degrees or are working toward their music degree.

Our program was designed by teachers with extensive experience working with students of all ages and abilities. Maestro Music teachers know how to motivate and inspire students. We understand the long-term value of music education, not only as it relates to academic excellence but the lifetime personal fulfillment and enjoyment it provides.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to unlock the limitless possibilities and potential that each student has within them. We are as passionate about music as we are about being musicians and want to share our knowledge and passion for music with anyone interested in learning. Our goal is to provide every student with the best musical education available and help them achieve their goals.

Did You Know?

Studying music can actually make you smarter?  Studies show that kids who study music particularly the piano, have improved test scores of as much as 35% in areas of math, science and reading. Children are not only able to comprehend musical concepts at a very young age, but are able to demonstrate them consistently.