Beginner level students will learn 1-2 beginner level rock/pop/country songs and perform them. The goal of this rock band ensemble will be to develop teamwork and accountability as essential tools in learning/rehearsing/performing music in a group. Students will also learn all parts of the song to help further their education in music as a whole, and not just how it pertains to their discipline. We will use instrument swapping to help achieve this goal. The eight weeks will break into three educational Modules. In Module one students learn the basic moving parts of a song i.e. it’s verse/bridge/chorus/its strum patterns/root accent notes, as well as the song’s basic information(E major/common time/full time). Students will participate in all aspects of this musical diagnosis regardless of how many aspects of music itself their instrument incorporates. I.E. Drum students will go over chord progressions and guitar students will learn what a full time drum beat is. Module two will be learning the songs’ individual parts as a group, putting them together, and then putting it all in order. Module three will rehearse the whole song as a band repeatedly. This will conclude in a recital style performance. Solo Practice outside of class is integral in a group performance setting and accountability to each other is a good motivator. The joy of learning a piece of music and playing it in a group is a truly amazing experience; especially when the work to get it there has been put in. I think it’s important to give the Students that feeling of accomplishment and joy early on in their musical lives and believe it will propel them forward musically in a unique and profound way.

Rock Band Class
Class Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm
Fridays: February 3rd through March 24th
March 24th – final performance

Tuition – $170