Group & Private Lessons

Maestro Music Institute is a Colorado based music school offering instrumental and vocal music lessons in both group and private lesson settings. Our music teachers know how to motivate and inspire students, and most importantly they make learning an instrument fun! We understand the long-term value of music education, not only as it relates to academic excellence, but a lifetime of fulfillment and enjoyment.


Maestro Music Institute offers lessons in a variety of instruments, including piano, drums, guitarukulelebanjoviolin, violacello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, and voice lessons.  We have two convenient studio locations in Arvada and Denver, Colorado.  We are now enrolling, learn more today!

Summer Camps

We are back with another exciting lineup of theater camps.  This year we have three…yes THREE summer camps!  Our JV Maestro Theater Camp will be a production of 101 Dalmatians.  The Varsity Maestro Theater Camp feature a production of Peter Pan.  And our brand new Maestro Orchestra Camp will learn the music to Peter Pan and perform it live alongside our Varsity Camp performers!  Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities, registration is now open!