Violin, Viola & Cello Lessons

Our violin instructors, who also teach viola and cello, instruct styles from classical to pop using a variety of methods. During your violin lessons, you will be trained in reading notation, music theory as well as ear-training to gain a solid musical foundation. You will also be afforded opportunities to learn music you’ve always wanted to play. Whether it’s the classics by Itzhak Perlman or the rock that Charlie Daniels plays, our teachers can provide you with instruction that guides you to achieve the outcomes you desire. Our teachers use a variety of methods, including the Suzuki method, to best suit the needs of each student’s learning style.

Our strings teachers are able to teach beginners with no musical training to more intermediate and advanced students looking to refine their musical skills. Our violin lessons are available to kids and adults of all ages!

Recommended ages to start Violin, Viola or Cello Lessons:
Violin Lessons: 4 and up
Viola Lessons: 5-6yrs old
Cello Lessons: 7-8yrs old

Cost of private lessons scales depending on skill level and subsequent duration of lessons.

Private Lessons

  • Beginner Lessons: 30 minutes, weekly: $159/mo
  • Intermediate Lessons: 45 minutes, weekly: $225/mo
  • Upper Intermediate-Advanced: 60 minutes, weekly: $295/mo

Select the type of lessons you’d like to attend, or call +1 (720) 251-2157 to discuss details.