Drum Lessons

Looking for private drum lessons in the Denver Metro area? Would you like your drum lesson to focus on rock, heavy metal, jazz or another style? Drum language can be complex but our drum instructor will work with you at your level so that you can experience the most out of your drum lesson and have success on the instrument right from the beginning and as you progress through our program.

Students use our drum set during their drum lesson. The only thing you need to bring to your drum lesson are drum sticks, a notebook and method books recommended by their instructor.

Private lessons scale depending on skill level and subsequent duration of lessons.

Private Lessons

  • Beginner Lessons: 30 minutes, weekly: $149/mo
  • Intermediate Lessons: 45 minutes, weekly: $220/mo
  • Upper Intermediate-Advanced: 60 minutes, weekly: $285/mo

Select the type of lessons you’d like to attend, or call +1 (720) 251-2157 to discuss details.