Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone Lessons
Looking for saxophone lessons in the Denver Metro area? Check out Maestro Music Institute and register for your saxophone lesson with us! Our teachers offer saxophone lessons in a variety of genres including classical, jazz, and contemporary styles. Whether you’re a beginner, just joined your first orchestra, or play in a band and want lessons to improve your skills MMI is the studio for you. Are you an experienced instrumentalist looking for one on one instruction to further your development as a player? Come join us at MMI for your private saxophone lessons with our instructors who will meet you wherever you are in the process and help you reach your musical goals. They will focus on improving your technique, reading, intonation, and theory knowledge as well as your skills as a saxophonist. We look forward to having you join MMI for your saxophone lessons!

Saxophone Lessons

Private lessons scale depending on skill level and subsequent duration of lessons.

Private Lessons

  • Beginner Lessons: 30 minutes, weekly: $159/mo
  • Intermediate Lessons: 45 minutes, weekly: $225/mo
  • Upper Intermediate-Advanced: 60 minutes, weekly: $295/mo

Select the type of lessons you’d like to attend, or call +1 (720) 251-2157 to discuss details.