Maestro Music offers a unique, creative approach to teaching music in small-class environments, which engages and motivates students, promotes learning, increases focus and concentration and encourages social interaction, while teaching respect for others in their class.

It is commonly known that children have the ability to absorb information very quickly, especially during the first few years of their lives; they’re like little sponges – they pick up everything. This is the perfect time to introduce music into their lives!

There is a common misconception that young children aren’t capable or “ready” to play musical instruments until they are in kindergarten or first grade. There are several instruments that young children can learn to play. For example, children can begin piano and violin lessons as young as 3 years old! Call us and let us show you just how much more they are capable of!

You can also check out the video below about the benefits of playing music and how much it helps your brain:

Student Learning Guitar Maestro Music Institute


There are many music programs available that specialize in teaching children of all ages. Each program has their own philosophy about the method they use, the age group they work with, the structure and size of the class, etc. At Maestro Music Institute, we’ve developed our own curriculum which focuses on teaching students in a logical progression that they’re more naturally able to comprehend and demonstrate consistently, building skills right from the first lesson and will use as long as music is a part of their lives.

If you’re going to invest in specialized instruction for your child, whether in a group or private lesson setting, you want to be assured the instructors are professionally trained, not only in music, but in teaching. The value of the educational experience offered by Maestro Music Institute is worth the investment in your child.