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Upon completed registration, lessons are scheduled on an ongoing basis. By registering your student in lessons you are committing to participate in every class or lesson on an ongoing basis. No refunds or credits will be given due to missed classes/lessons and you will be billed for classes each month during the semester irrespective of the student’s actual attendance. Maestro Music Institute (“MMI”) makes every effort to schedule lessons with the same instructor though that is not always possible due to circumstances such as vacation, illness or other scheduling issues. In the event a specific instructor is not available, MMI will provide an alternate instructor. In the rare event that an alternate instructor is not available, MMI will make every effort to reschedule the lesson/class within two weeks of the originally scheduled lesson/class.

The undersigned understands that should an instructor leave MMI for another company or to offer private lessons directly, they are contractually obligated not to solicit MMI students to follow them upon their departure. The undersigned agrees that in the event a given instructor leaves and the undersigned’s student follows that instructor to his or her new employer, even if the instructor begins offering instruction directly and not in affiliation with another company, and commences lessons with the departed instructor within sixty (60) days of the departed instructor’s termination with MMI, the undersigned will pay to MMI as damages an amount equal to one (1) semester of fees at MMI’s then current semester tuition rate as damages and not as a penalty, the parties recognizing the difficulty of estimating the damages such departure will cause MMI.

Missed lesson policy

Upon completed registration (tuition and registration fee paid), your student will have a class time reserved for his/her weekly instruction. Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons/classes and arrive on time. We do not extend lesson times for students that arrive late. Missed lessons will not be made up and no credit will be issued for missed lessons. However, if a teacher is unable to make the scheduled lesson time, he/she will coordinate with the office to schedule a make-up lesson within two weeks of the missed lesson. Our office will notify all students/families affected. If the student is not able to attend a make-up lesson, that lesson is also considered forfeit. No refunds will be issued for missed lessons.

Inclement weather policy

In the case of inclement weather or school closures, we reserve the right to either schedule make-up lessons for classes missed or issue a refund. Notices will be sent home with students regarding the time and date of make-up lessons, where applicable. If a refund is issued, you agree to allow two weeks for processing. We will do our best to post cancellation notices due to inclement weather on our website, however, we are not responsible for contacting individual families regarding classes cancelled due to inclement weather.

Cancellation policy

The undersigned understands that lessons occur on an ongoing basis. If at any time you wish to discontinue lessons, a minimum of 30 days written notice is required. If 30 days’ notice is not received, you agree to be billed one month’s tuition in lieu of 30 days’ notice. Monthly tuition is due on the first of every month and is considered late after the 7th of the month. All late payment will bear interest at the rate of 18% per annum until paid. Returned checks and declined transactions are subject to a $20 fee. If legal action is necessary to recover unpaid fees, you will pay all costs of collection, including attorney’s fees and costs. You may contact our office directly at info@maestromusicinstitute.com.

Auto-Pay Tuition

I understand that my credit card will be auto-billed at the 1st of every month for monthly classes and lessons offered at Maestro Music Studio Locations.

Media Release

Audio, Photos, Videos and Testimonials taken during classes, camps or performances may be used for promotional use by MMI.

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