Voice Lessons

Singing lessons are for everyone! Whether you’re wanting to learn to sing to participate in a group, ensemble or choir, for a musical production or just for fun, you can learn to sing! There is a common misconception that all great singers are born with natural talent and those that don’t have it won’t be able to become great singers. This is NOT true—just about anyone can learn to sing and can benefit from singing lessons.

Our voice teachers will tailor your singing lessons to help you find your voice and learn to sing in the most healthy way using proper vocal and breathing techniques. Whether you want to sing pop, country, Broadway show tunes, or  opera, our voice teachers will encourage you to learn and work on music you’re interested in singing. Voice students can expect a portion of their singing lesson to be spent doing vocal warm ups, breathing techniques, posture, and diction, but most importantly—you’ll be spending your lesson time singing!

For middle and high school students—we frequently work with students involved in choir and high school musicals. If you’re wanting some extra coaching for an upcoming audition, need help with choir music, or just want to sing for fun, our voice teachers will help you where ever you are in your process and help you reach your singing goals.

Our voice teachers frequently prepare students for upcoming auditions and competitions whether it’s for a choir or solo audition.  Our teachers can also work with TV & radio personalities who wish to enhance their speaking voices.

Private Lessons

  • Beginner Lessons: 30 minutes, weekly: $159/mo
  • Intermediate Lessons: 45 minutes, weekly: $225/mo
  • Upper Intermediate-Advanced: 60 minutes, weekly: $295/mo