Jerod Nelson – Drums and Trumpet

Jerod Nelson grew up playing music. Beginning when he worked with a music therapist, Jerod then progressed to studying more modern instruments.  He has been playing trumpet for over 14 years and studied trumpet under Dr. Michael Hengst at MSU Denver.  Jerod’s primary instrument is drums and has been playing and studying a wide variety of musical genres including rock, metal, jazz, fusion, funk, latin, traditional, western African, afro-Cuban, calypso, soca, big band, worship and more!

Jerod is currently working on completing his BME degree at MSU Denver and has been teaching since 2018. He is a firm believer in multi-model education and encompasses that philosophy in his teaching. Jerod joined MMI in May 2022 and is really enjoying working with his students.

Jarod Nelson Trumpet Drums Teacher Maestro Music Institute